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Prior to training in garden design, Claire Morris practiced for 12 years as an Occupational Therapist. This enables Acanthus Garden Design to offer considerable expertise in the area of accessible gardens.

If a client is physically disabled, perhaps based in a wheelchair for their mobility needs, Acanthus Garden designs can bring the knowledge of accessible environments into play. This includes expertise in adaptive equipment, ramp/path construction and moving and handling requirements. Sensory impairments can also be catered for via specialist garden design, including auditory and olfactory considerations.

Accessible Garden

Design Brief

To re-design the current garden space to allow Mr S. to access and enjoy all areas of his garden from his attendant propelled wheelchair. This will include a dining terrace, sun terrace, accessible raised flowerbeds, boundary fencing/hedging, summerhouse and bird feeding areas. A matrix of meandering paths will be required, from which Mr S. can enjoy different aspects of the garden. The plan will retain the existing water feature and include a yellow and orange theme planting and lavender at Mr S.'s request. The planting scheme will also include further bright and bold colours, plants that are highly scented and plants that make a sound, to ensure Mr S. is able to maximise the sensory experience of his garden.

Design Solution

Expert project management was undertaken by Acanthus Garden Design to source and work with a local building firm to clear the site and undertake substantial re landscaping in the garden. A level access dining terrace leads from the house onto a sun terrace. Access to the lower areas of the garden is via a series of ramps with raised beds constructed in between. These act as retaining walls for the ramps and provide an eye level view of plants to the wheelchair user. The planting in the raised beds is specifically designed to provide bold eye catching colour, sounds created by the wind through grasses and a profusion of strong fragrance. A pergola has been constructed on the sun terrace to provide a shady fragrance filled haven in the summer. A circular path on the lower level of the garden provides an interesting journey around the garden with a tinkling water feature to stop and listen to.

Accessible Garden

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Accessible Garden

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Accessible Garden

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Accessible Garden

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Accessible Garden

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